Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas With The Moms

Okay, since we spent much of the weekend hanging around the house again because of the cold weather (the high yesterday was 13 and today the wind chill was 16) I can finally finish the blog post I promised a week ago. Hopefully by February I will be finished talking about the holidays!

Our party on the 23rd was a Christmas tradition that started about 15 years ago when we were first married. Traditionally, on Christmas Eve Chad's mom Joan would host her sons and their families and a few close friends at her house in Lindsborg, where she would make us all delicious bierocks with her husband's famous spicy mustard. As the years went on and our families moved and changed, we started rotating hosting duties among various family and friend homes, modifying the date as needed to best fit into everyone's schedules. This year our moms and Chad's brothers and a few other friends gathered at our house to enjoy our traditional Christmas party.

As always, we had great food and a nice time with family members, exchanging gifts and watching the nephews open their presents and play with their new treasures. It was such an enjoyable evening, and we were so glad we got to have Christmas with both of our moms before the storm hit the next day, because once the snow arrived no one was really going anywhere!

Originally, I'd intended to just pick one picture from the evening and link to the rest, but I think the pictures just tell a nice story of our evening if you're interested!


Anonymous said...

It is so fun to see the pictures and relive the fun. It was very special. Love you "two's". It meant a lot for us. Mom

cw said...

A chronological Christmas cavalcade...brilliant!