Monday, January 18, 2010

Freaky Fog

In case you don't live in the Lawrence area, let me just share that we've been experiencing some major climate change here in northeast Kansas. As if the crazy amounts of snow weren't unusual enough, the last several days our city has been frequently blanketed with some crazy thick fog. Not just like your typical morning fog either--this is fog that's lasting almost all day and night. Last night when Chad and I went to the grocery store, we couldn't see a block ahead of us and could barely tell which landmarks were what. It was super creepy. I took a few pictures when we got home, and then took a few more this morning at about 10, and then a few more at 11 when the fog was still incredibly thick. It's really bizarre. Here are just a few pics to give you an idea of what the weather's like in our neighborhood these days!


cw said...

The fog is creepy. This morning was worse than yesterday!

Anonymous said...

The fog has been thick here too. It has been quite a winter adventure this year. Nice pictures. sa