Sunday, January 03, 2010

Journey Group Christmas '09

I'm sad that the holidays are over, and even more sad that I have to go back to work tomorrow for an entire five days. Our last day of vacation today was super lazy and relaxing, especially since it snowed all day long and was too cold to be outside. The only productive thing we did all day was get the tree decorations put away and the tree out to the curb, which always makes me depressed!

Before we close the books on the 2009 holidays completely, I thought I should briefly mention the rest of the holiday parties we enjoyed during the season. I took about a bajillion pictures at each of them, but instead of boring everyone with another slideshow, I'll just pick a favorite picture from each evening.

First we had our annual Journey Group Christmas party with the always fantastic white elephant gift exchange. This was an almost perfect evening with tons of terrific food and great friends, with the only non-perfect part of the night being the part where Fresco helped himself to some of Charlie's fantastic dessert from the dining room table while we were all in the kitchen. The rest of the night wasn't quite as relaxed since we had to be extra vigilant trying to keep Fresco away from all the food!

During this year's gift exchange, the very hot and oft stolen item was a nearly new paintball gun the Danny had once received as a gift. As you can imagine, most of the guys in the room were salivating over this new toy! Kristin opened it first, James borrowed it to do his personal photo session, I think Pat stole it from his own wife, but then Dillon ended up with it at the end. We had a few other entertaining gifts, but the gun was by far the most sought after!

For the few of you who might be interested, there are tons more pictures on our Picasa page of our gift exchange. Tomorrow I'll share the pictures from our last party before Christmas!


amber said...

It's always bittersweet to see these pictures! Happy to see you had a fun party, but sad we weren't there. We're happy the white elephant gift exchange continues!

carabrow253 said...

The pictures tell quite a story. Pat wearing a wig, Kristin holding a paint-ball gun, Chad holding reindeer poop, me holding basketball tickets that weren't mine. Twas a strange night. ha!