Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Husband

I really thought that tonight I'd getting some blogging done about our vacation, but unfortunately I've only managed to get the pictures from the first couple of days uploaded onto Picasa. I'm trying to get them all label and will hopefully have them ready for viewing tomorrow!

One of the things that conspired against me this evening was the Celtics/Lakers game. I'm not a huge fan of the NBA (too much flopping, fouling and flailing), but I usually end up watching a little of the finals anyway because that's what my husband is watching. This year, I've watched a lot more NBA than normal and have watched most of the playoffs because Chad's beloved Celtics (and my favorite team too if I have to pick one) have been playing so well. Tonight it looked like they were going to lose game 4 of the finals when they were down by 24 points in the second quarter. In an amazing comeback, the Celtics ended up winning 97-91. It was incredible! Chad is so excited he's been on the phone with friends and family since the final buzzer!

By the way, the awesome PP picture is courtesy of Mark J. Terrill of the Associated Press! :)

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rick, rick, RICK said...

i'm with you kim; not a big NBA fan. but i am pulling for pierce and the c's to win it all.