Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Cheer for the Champion Celtics!

Before I continue on with the story of our vacation, I need to take another quick detour to give a big shout out to the Boston Celtics!!! Woo hoo for the NBA CHAMPIONS!!!

As many of you may know, my hubby has always been a huge fan of the Celtics. Chad started loving Larry Bird in the early 80s and that love just never went away. Anyone who has known Chad for any amount of time knows this. In junior high and high school Chad wore out this goofy t-shirt with Larry Bird's picture on the front. You could spot Chad playing basketball on a playground from a mile away because of that t-shirt!

As you can imagine, Chad hasn't been too thrilled with the Celtics' seasons for...well...about the last 15 years. Regardless, Chad has continued to support them, watch them and cheer for them for all that time. The most convincing evidence of his unwavering loyalty is, of course, our almost 11 year old dog. When the Celtics were still horrible, we named our little man Celtic Bird Luce. As you can imagine, Celtic is pretty excited that the Celtics won as well! ;) We're very thankful that both Celtic and our late furry son Steeler were each able to see their team win it all during their lifetime!

In honor of Boston's wonderful season and awesome victory last night, this evening Chad put on the new shirt he bought while we were in San Francisco.

After many, many years, Chad can be proud to be a Celtic's fan once again!

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cw said...

The win is very sweet, especially denying that selfish chucker Kobe of a title.

As a former owner of the once publicly traded Celtics (OK, it was only two shares), it is fantastic to see my investment finally payoff.

And to Dante....FACE!!!!!!!!