Thursday, June 19, 2008

California: The Drive, Part 2

The other day when I said it might be July by the time I finish blogging about our vacation, I was kind of kidding. Now I'm thinking that's probably not so far off. I am so easily distracted! When things come up that I want to talk about, I just can't wait!

Tonight I'm really going to try to finish up talking about the second day of our vacation, but it's so late I know I'm not going to have time. I'll just try and chip away at the trip bit by bit!

When I finished my last California post, Chad and I were cutting back west from the 101 on Highway 46, which catches Highway 1 just to the south of the Big Sur Region. Let me first just say that almost every mile of Highway 1, which almost always runs right along the coast, is amazingly scenic. I just love seeing the mountains and the ocean at the same time. It was absolutely gorgeous!

The overwhelming beauty of it all made me want to stop at every scenic lookout and vista point, but the first place we actually stopped was a little lodge called the Ragged Point Inn. I'd discovered this place on a great website that I found about the Big Sur region. We got there just after lunch time, which was good timing since there aren't really too many restaurants along that stretch of highway. Since they were the only real restaurant for miles, they could pretty much charge anything they wanted for the meal, so it was ridiculously expensive. However, the food was pretty good and the ambiance was nice , except for the fact that the all glass dining room was practically like a greenhouse. We started sweating the second we sat down. Thankfully, there were some shady spots in the restaurant available, so we were able to move so that our food didn't get cooked a second time after it arrived at our table.

The whole resort area was really pretty cute. It had a little snack bar, a gift shop/gallery, a little convenience store, and even a couple of gas pumps. I'm glad we weren't running low at the time though, because the gas was $5.50 a gallon. As long as you didn't need to fill up, I think it would be a fun place to stay for the night if you were making a multi-day trip up the coast. The best part about Ragged Point, however, was the absolutely amazing view. It just doesn't get any better than this!

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