Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Political Change

Tonight I actually watched some of the presidential debate between Hillary and Barack, and I must say it was pretty interesting. I think I've already established that I don't generally enjoy politics, but as Chad was watching I found myself really mesmerized by the answers of both candidates. Really, I think they're both extremely intelligent, and Chad and I were talking about how incredibly refreshing it was to have two completely articulate, eloquent and coherent people discussing the issues. Of course, at this point I would probably be thrilled by anyone who could form a complete sentence. A more well-spoken White House is one of the many changes I'm looking forward to after this election.

I really believe that either Clinton or Obama would successfully perform the duties of our highest office and would mean a positive change for our country. I really don't agree 100% with either candidate on all of the issues, but in reality, there aren't many issues on which they really differ that significantly. For me, this primary election really seems like more of a choice between two personalities. Personally, I find Barack more forthcoming, more personable, more real, and more inspiring. While I'd already came to that conclusion before seeing the video below, this might have done the trick had I still been riding the fence. I think it's amazingly powerful. If you haven't seen it already, take a few minutes to check it out.

Call me cheesy, but I'm so excited about the idea of the country becoming unified once again!

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Beth said...

As an added bonus, James and I are also excited about the prospect of having either the first woman president or the first African-American president! We also think either candidate could do the job, but we think that Barak can draw out more Republican and more Independent and more of the youth vote than Hillary, thereby making him more electable in the General Election.

I personally could not watch the debates...maybe it's my long debate background, but it just makes me so nervous!!! James watched it, though.