Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Snow Day!!!

It finally happened! With all of the snow we've had in Lawrence this year, you'd think KU would have already had a snow day at some point, but it takes A LOT of bad weather for the Chancellor to close the offices on campus. Today that lot of bad weather finally arrived, and I just couldn't be happier! I'm snuggled in my bed with three adorable pups watching the beautiful snow falling in our backyard. There are at least 5 inches on the ground and it's still coming down, although it looks as though the flakes will be stopping soon. The only thing that could have made this day better would have been about 4 more inches! :)

Oh wait, there is one thing that would make the day better: sledding. I love sledding. I haven't been sledding once all year. I remember the days when Steeler and Celtic were little, when they still allowed dogs off-leash on campus. We would take the dogs and the sleds up to the Campanile and they would chase us down the hill through the snow, barking the entire way. It was so much fun. Since there isn't any hilly, fenced in area around town that I can think of, I'm afraid sledding is going to be out of the question for our current party of five.

So, I guess my plans for the rest of the day include blogging, napping, eating lunch with my hubby (who is actually snowed in as well but is being a good employee and working from home with his mobile office set up in the basement), and napping. Did I mention napping? I might also get around to doing a little laundry and some housecleaning if I feel like it.

I did actually get a couple of things accomplished already this morning, so don't think I'm a complete slacker. I was in the middle of my morning workout when Chad came down to tell me work was canceled, so I had time to do a full hour of cardio instead of my normal half hour. Later on I also took some pictures and video of the snow for your enjoyment, but beware--it sort of turned into a photo session of the dogs. At least I can check a couple of things off of my to-do list for the day! :)


Anonymous said...

Isn't it just a huge relief when the snow comes in and you can do something or not anything, and you don't have to feel guilty if you take a nap. But of course we all work some. Have a good day. I am delighted not to go to KC tonight. mom

Erin said...

Napping? What is that? I can't remember, but I know it sounds vaguely familiar.

amber said...

Okay, my question is about off-leash dogs on campus. I've never heard that rule and was shocked because I see so many more dogs on campus off-leash than on a leash. How do you know about this rule and why don't they enforce it? And yeah, the snow day was awesome!