Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Swingin' Good Time

I know you're really sad that you missed this:

And I'm sure you're jealous that you weren't around for this:

All kidding aside, tonight I obviously dragged my dear husband along to the LHS benefit at Abe & Jake's. He was really hungry and I'd already purchased the tickets, so he kind of didn't have a choice. We left soon after the music started, but not before filling up on some very marginal barbecue from Bigg's. I'm not much of a BBQ fan (unless it's Oklahoma Joe's), so the only way I was probably going to enjoy this meal was if there were some really awesome side dishes, which there weren't. They didn't even have any non-beef meats! I ended up eating some brisket which wasn't too bad, but red meat is just not really something I would normally eat if given a choice!

Amazingly and thankfully, the event was really well attended--apparently old Les has a pretty huge following in these here parts!

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