Monday, July 26, 2010

My 97's Times Nine

I interrupt my previously scheduled blog post to bring you this important announcement. I realized this morning I'd forgotten this important post after my subconscious reminded me through several dreams last night on the same subject. Now I can't stop thinking about the event--I'm so excited! This Thursday, my favorite band will be playing at the Crossroads in Kansas City, and I can't wait to see them again! This will be the 9th time I've seen them live (the last one being last May in Tulsa) and I never get tired of their shows--they're fabulous! No one puts on a more energetic show--plus the Crossroads is a terrific venue. Now I'm just crossing my fingers for good weather! If you're not busy on Thursday night and you're in the KC area, you should definitely come out and join us!

Just to give you a taste if you haven't seen them, here's one of their most popular songs that they generally use to close the show! Love it!


amber said...

Ah, I wish we could be there with you Thursday! So much fun! I remember when we all went together a few years back and it was amazingly nice for a summer evening. My concert count is just one third of yours, but for the record, I've seen the Old 97's more than I've seen any other group in concert! All thanks to you!

cw said...

That's good stuff.