Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Brunch

I was a little worried we weren't going to be able to see our KU friends on Sunday morning, because when I called the restaurant where they were brunching (a place called Taste) to make a reservation, no one would answer the phone. I found the spot online and tried to make a reservation there, but their website said they were out of tables. We decided that we'd just go down to say hello to Tish and then find someplace else nearby to eat, since Taste was apparently a really popular place.

We arrived at the restaurant only to find there wasn't a single person on their patio (despite the fact that it was 10:30 and gorgeous outside), and as far as we could tell, not a single patron inside either. We walked up to the hostess and asked for a table for five, and she asked if we had a reservation. Eric replied, "No, but I'm pretty sure it won't be a problem." She seated us at a lovely table on the patio.

Amanda and Maria arrived a few minutes later and just pulled up a table to join us. Maria had told Tish they a had a mini surprise for her (just to motivate her little buns to get into the city), but she had no idea the surprise was just getting to see me. She seemed very excited when she arrived and saw the whole Luce/Almquist clan, but she is an actress, so hopefully she wasn't too disappointed about her little surprise in actuality!

We had such a fun time at brunch, and as usual, Tish was an absolute crack up. She definitely entertained my entire family, and I was so glad that she and Eric finally got to meet, since I've talked about Tish to Eric and Eric to Tish so many times!

My brother was actually pretty darn entertaining as well once we pulled out the camera. I have a whole series of pictures with Eric being completely bizarre and goofy. There are several that are hysterical, but I think this is my favorite.

I think that will make a great profile picture on his Facebook page, don't you? :)


Tish said...

lol i'm not THAT good of an actress...Best Cali surprise to date...kid you not my friend!

what a great sunday...come back. let us partake in food and friend time once again.

Tish said...

ps...totally linking to your pics for a post i've been working on since then...mwahahaha!

pps. it was so cool meeting your fam bam. FINALLY!

Jen said...

Your mother's expressions with your brother is just as funny. LOL

CaraBrown said...

pictures 110 and 112 are HILARIOUS! i'm still laughing.

EmilyG said...

Oh how fun! Wish I had been in LA too!! ;)