Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Flight

Our flight out to California on Friday morning was relatively uneventful, aside from the little girl behind me that kicked and bumped my seat the entire way. I wouldn't have complained if she hadn't been about 10 years old--entirely capable of controlling her body, in my opinion. Multiple stern looks at her through the seats didn't seem to help, nor did a polite request from Chad to please stop kicking my seat. At times she'd slam the tray table up so hard my entire body would bounce off my seat--it was ridiculous. I finally turned around to say something again and before I could finish my sentence, she blurted out a snotty "SOR-RY" that made me think she wasn't really sorry at all. Lovely.

Our only other in flight excitement was a sudden drop in altitude as we were coming in for a landing which left everyone's stomach in their throat. Since Chad decides when he will start worrying on every flight by the reaction of other more seasoned and less scared passengers, it did not bode well for him when the entire plane gasped in unison. I think he about had a heart attack.

Whenever I fly I always try to grab a window seat so that I can look at the beautiful views below, and this trip was no exception. Flying over the mountains and the desert and the Grand Canyon always astounds me. I've included a couple of my favorite pics in this post, but if you want to see the whole group of them, click here for the slideshow!


James said...

It drives me insane when people aren't aware of their kicking/moving my seat on flights or in movie theaters. It puts me in such a bad mood. I'm sure that scary drop didn't help the situation. Glad you at least enjoyed the views!

CaraBrown said...

Between this girl kicking your seat, and the mean people at the Roger Daltry concert, you and Chad may be seeking out back row seats from here on out.

Glad you guys had a good time, and the pictures from your surprise are so fun!