Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Coincidence

As I mentioned the other day in my story of our day at the Getty, there was another incident at the museum that really just needed its own post. Actually, the story really has nothing to do with the Getty--that just happens to be where this particular "small world" moment occurred.

So Chad and I were off photographing the flower garden while the rest of my family members were scattered around the campus. We walked back up to the main building, and while we were standing there trying to figure out what we were going to do next, I hear someone shout "KIM!!!!" I look up, and my friend Amanda, who lives in Lawrence and used to work at my office, is walking towards me!

Now Amanda and I do have lunch on occasion and we keep in contact via Facebook, but I had absolutely no idea she was going to be in LA, so I was slightly taken aback when I saw her at the Getty! She was visiting her friend Maria, who she became friends with while they were at KU together. What are the odds that Amanda and I would be in LA at the same time--let alone at the Getty at the same time?

After chatting with Amanda and Maria for a while we met up with my brother to introduce him to these fellow Jayhawks. We discussed all of our KU connections for a little longer, and then Amanda happened to mention that she and Maria were having brunch the next morning with our mutual friend Tish, who Amanda and I know from Endowment and Maria knows from KU alumni events in their area. Since I'd invited Tish to come to Eric's party the night before and she hadn't been able to make it, I was thrilled when Amanda suggested that we join them for brunch! More on that tomorrow!

Can I just share how much I love "small world" stories?


James said...

That is crazy! Small world indeed. Usually it's just you run into someone from your area but you don't know them personally (which is still neat). How cool to run into a friend though.

amanda warren said...

Good stuff indeed! I love it when these things happen. :) Ok, so I have another one (and maybe I've told you this already?) ... I was looking at your blog and the first poster, James... I kept thinking, "how do I know him?... he looks familiar, jeez where in the world?..." ... Got it! He was in my typography class for about 2 days and then got a job and bailed. I was bummed because I knew he'd be like the best A+ student in the class. Oh well, although I don't technically know him, still funny you DO! 6 degrees baby!