Monday, December 07, 2009

Welcome Home, Old Friend

This was a picture Chad took of me as soon as I got home from work today, right after I changed into my comfy clothes.

Can you tell how incredibly happy I am? Can you see what it is that brought such a huge smile to my face? My wonderful, beloved sweatshirt that I once thought was lost has come home with a brand new zipper!!

I dropped my dear sweatshirt off at the alterations shop the week that we left for Dallas, and even though it was finished a week or so ago I finally just picked it up after work this afternoon. Just in time too--it was bone-chillingly, mind-numbingly cold today. I can't tell you how good it felt to put that sweatshirt on and zip it up when I got home!

It seemed slightly ridiculous that I just paid $22 for a new zipper in a sweatshirt that I'm pretty sure cost me $17 at least three years ago. It seemed slightly ridiculous--that is, until I put my sweatshirt on and remembered how warm, snuggly, comfy and reversible it is. You'll think I'm exaggerating, but I really did kind of give it a hug when I put it away tonight. Chad witnessed it, and I think he was slightly embarrassed for me. I can't help it--I love it so much!!


cw said...

I know you do honey. I know you do.


amber said...

This cracks me up, and yet, I totally understand. A select few people know about (and even fewer have seen) my dissertation pants, a pair of comfy, baggy pants that I will never wear in public, as they would most certainly get me nominated for What Not to Wear. They have extreme value to me because I wore them through the dissertation season. I hate when they're in the laundry, and I'm always thankful when they make it out safely! I think holes are their biggest threat; fortunately, no zippers to potentially break!

Leah B said...

I totally agree. Some things are just worth the extra cost and care, no matter how much you originally spent. Glad to see that you're keeping warm!