Thursday, December 24, 2009

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful...

Seriously, the weather couldn't be much worse outside right now. A few hours ago I took this picture out the door to our back deck. In case that looks like lovely snow coming down, look again at the picture below. That's freezing rain, and it's not lovely at all! The good news is, we have no place to go, just like the song says! The bad news is, we can't get our gas fireplace to work. :(

Since today we'll be relaxing around the house until we head to church tonight (that is, if the weather allows us to make the 5 minute drive to our church), I have big plans to catch up on all the blog posts from this year that I meant to do but never actually finished (or even started). So, for anyone who is actually checking blogs over the holidays, be ready! Hopefully there will be more exciting posts to come later today!

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