Sunday, December 13, 2009

Downward Dogs

Yesterday I did my P90X workout for the first time in two days after being sick Thursday and Friday. Normally I workout super early in the morning, while Chad and the dogs are still sawing logs in bed. Yesterday, however, Chad was in Salina deer hunting (without any luck) and I didn't work out until later in the morning, so the dogs insisted they needed to come downstairs and help me complete Yoga X. Since I had my phone right next to me, I decided to capture a few pictures of my helpers on my yoga mat.

This would be me trying to do "bridge" with the boys both using my mat as a pillow.

I think here I'd given up whatever I was trying to do because they were all over the place.

Hope didn't actually ever come get right on my mat, but she paced around downstairs crying at least half of the hour I was down there. I have no idea what she wanted--I guess just attention. I think she was feeling rather needy since Chad had been gone since Thursday morning. After I'd told her to be quiet about 20 times I think she was feeling a little sad, because here's what I caught her doing while I was doing "frog."


Anonymous said...

I think she might have been trying to do the frog!! mom

cw said...

Hope is weird. Very weird.