Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I took this picture the day before Thanksgiving but completely forgot about it until last night when I opened a bottle of wine. Before I went to the grocery store that day to get all of my turkey dinner fixings, I stopped at the liquor store next door to get a bottle of wine for our meal. While I was there I decided to just stock up on bottles to have for future events and special occasions (like last night's card-making session at home on a freezing cold evening). The selection took me at least 30 minutes, because my method of picking out wines is not exactly scientific or organized. I pick wines almost exclusively because of their fun, silly or interesting labels. Clearly, I'm not much of a wine connoisseur!

While I might not buy expensive (obviously) or very highly rated wines, you can't tell me that some of these labels aren't totally fun!! First of all, I had no idea Paul Newman had a wine. Second, anything with chocolate in the name has to be good. I've also always had a thing for monkeys, so the Barrel of Monkeys was a no-brainer for me. Fat Bastard and Wrongo Dongo were just funny, and I liked the hand print on the Crios label. Fetzer just ended up in my box because I couldn't find any white zin that was interesting!

The funny thing is, I think I forgot to add the bottle that we drank for Thanksgiving dinner to this picture! I remember it was a pinot noir and that it was good, but I don't remember what it was. I guess that's why I'll always go back to choosing wine because of its label!


amber said...

Nah, eight bottles does not a wino make! I won't divulge how many are currently in our house, but I am enjoying a glass of Cab Sav as I type this. The label and varietal are pretty significant in my decision-making as well. We are totally spoiled with Trader Joe's and have found a number of favorites there. When I no longer have access to a TJ's, I'm afraid I'll choke at the prices. Anymore we rarely buy a bottle over $7. One of my all-time favorites is just $3.29! Love it!

cw said...

My favorite is a lovely merlot, zin, cab, pinot, chardonnay, bordeaux, sauvignon blanc, port blend. Very smooth and tasty!

amber said...

Okay, Chad...when you guys come visit, we'll be sure to mix that blend up for you. We have some giant wine glasses and we'll fill yours extra full! :)