Sunday, November 22, 2009

Football and Friends

This weekend was a full one, and I'm glad we got to see lots of good friends, because it certainly wasn't a good weekend for football! Ugh. We certainly didn't think our Jayhawks had a chance to win, but we didn't think the Steelers would lose as well! The Steelers game was even a bigger bummer because we were actually there--they played the Chiefs. It was the first Steelers game I've been to in two years and they couldn't come away with the win. :(

Today actually started off well--we got to Arrowhead plenty early and Chad cooked up some breakfast burritos that were really yummy. We hung out with our friend Ryan and his friends and enjoyed watching all the Steelers fans pour into the parking lot. By the time we headed into the stadium the wind had died down and the weather wasn't too bad at all. After allowing the Chiefs to run back the opening kickoff for a touchdown, the Steelers didn't play too badly. At halftime, Pittsburgh was ahead and we were happy.

We went to find our friend Ted during the break to hang out and chat for a while. As you can see, Chad and Ted laughed together like little kids--like they always do when they get together. Since the stadium was so empty, we were able to go back and sit with Ted and his friends during the second half, but things started to go downhill soon after. The Chiefs scored immediately and then intercepted Big Ben, and things only got worse from there! In overtime, the Chiefs threw a huge bomb and subsequently kicked the winning field goal, leaving Chad and I completely bummed out for the rest of the day.

Yesterday, on the other hand, was actually a very fun day despite the Jayhawks loss to Texas in the evening. In the morning we made our annual Operation Christmas Child shopping trip at the dollar store. I love this ministry and I love shopping for a needy child in some faraway place so that they can experience the joy of Christmas! As you can see, we got a ton of stuff for packing into our shoeboxes! I got them wrapped last night and we dropped them off at church this morning on the way out of town.

I hope my little girl likes pink! :)

After our shopping trip and a little housecleaning, Chad cooked up some awesome chili and our friends Vikkie and Brett came over for dinner and football watching. It was the first time they'd come over since we moved, and it was the first time we'd seen their little man Hutch since he was first born!! It was so fun to hang out with them for a few hours and get to play with the munchkin a little bit, although Hutch was pretty serious most of the evening. This was the coy little smile he gave us most of the night. Isn't he just a doll? That little curl on the top of his head is especially precious! I could have probably taken pictures of him for hours.

Look at that sweet and very serious little face!

Friday night we actually had a wonderful visit with great friends as well, because Jake and Amber flew in to KC that night! They were staying just one evening before driving to Nebraska for the holidays, so we took advantage of our small window of opportunity and went for dinner with them and Jake's cousin Amy and her husband Brian. What great people and what great fun! I miss these friends so much since they moved over a year ago. As much as I love to see them and will do so any chance we get, it makes me so sad when we have to say goodbye. We of course had to take a few pictures to commemorate our brief evening together!

Before our dinner with these dear friends, we actually met an old, old friend from high school for a drink since we were already going to be in KC! We hadn't seen Charla for almost 10 years--since our 10th reunion back in 2000. She just recently moved to KC, so we decided to get together to catch up and to chat about the planning of our 20th reunion next summer. It was so great to see her and I am so thankful to have her help with the preparations!

It was definitely a fun weekend, but I'm pooped!


cw said...

It was great to see so many friends over the weekend! (no comment on football).

Thank you for wrapping my Operation Xmas child shoebox! I am excited to find out where it is delivered.

Anonymous said...

Well, what wonderful friends and I know how much you miss them. Sounds like you had a good time , and the baby is precious!! There is only one thing that really concerns me. HOLY COW! YOU GUYS ARE PLANNING YOUR 20TH REUNION!!??? DO YOU REALIZE THAT MAKES ME REALLY, REALLY OLD??? I can't believe it has been that long. You all look much younger than your years. =) Actually, I think it is just me and I really don't care. Every 10 years we grow, change someway, and learn much. I hope I didn't offend. I am just thinking out loud. =) sa

vwiese said...

Oh my gosh, I just looked at your blog. Those pictures are so cute!!! It was great to see you guys!!!!