Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day Triumph

We had a lovely Thanksgiving lunch today with our moms, and while it wasn't the most stellar meal I've ever fixed, it was still darn tasty. After leftovers for dinner I'm still pretty darn stuffed, so between the overeating and the football watching this evening, I'd say it's been a pretty successful Thanksgiving. To top it off, this evening while watching football, I actually wrote our annual Christmas letter--at least 3 weeks earlier than normal! I'm so proud of myself for not procrastinating, although it's sort of out of necessity. I never sent out change of address information to our family and friends, so I'm trying to get our Christmas cards out early so that everyone else can change our address on their own Christmas list!

As I wrote our letter tonight, I realized how much the house shopping/packing/moving/settling consumed our year in 2009. It was seriously the shortest Christmas letter I've written in years! I didn't realize how boring and non-eventful our year had been until I saw it in its entirety!

With that said, I realized there was one fun event that I never did get around to blogging about since it was right in the midst of our busy home shopping season. Hopefully during this wonderful long weekend I'll be able to get to that story and edit the pictures!

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Anonymous said...

I think that you were the most well organized and quick and amazingly moved so fast and had to have used a huge amount of energy from the house moving. The excitement kept your energy up. And yet think of all the things at work, home, furry family. You both are fantastic. However,kick back and take it easy when need to. You guys have earned it for sure. Dinner was wonderful and I am getting to warm things up for dinner this evening. Thanks so much for terrific food. I loafed today and didn't get much done.But that was my choice. Thank you for having us over. Love you both, mom