Monday, November 09, 2009

Back to Life and New Life to My Back

Chad and I got back from our trip to Dallas last night at about 12:30, and today was just a day of recovery. We didn't go to work, but instead got caught up on laundry, grocery shopping, dog walking and sleep. Strangely enough, I didn't really feel the need to recover much physically despite walking 60 miles over the weekend. It's pretty remarkable that my body doesn't hardly seem to notice a 60 mile walk after doing it four years in a row. It seemed fairly easy--especially considering I didn't train nearly as much as usual. My back even felt good--better than it has for years! I can really only attribute this to the new chiropractor I've been seeing the last few weeks who's done an amazing job fixing up my injury from a few weeks ago. I'm definitely Dr. Michael Stuart's newest big fan! Hopefully as I continue to visit him I'll continue to see improvement!

More about the 3-Day later--I'm working on the pictures right now!

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James said...

Way to go on the walk, Kim! Glad your back is feeling better, too.