Monday, November 16, 2009

Snow Season

Today we got the first snow of the season, and while I normally LOVE snow of any type, today was fairly miserable. First of all, it was super cold and windy, and second of all, it was wet. It was the kind of snow that needed an umbrella instead of snow skis. Ick.

With that said, the snow was actually pretty if you didn't have to be outside in it. The flakes clumped together in these huge massive blobs. I couldn't resist taking a few pics when I got home at lunch.

It's hard to tell from the pictures how huge the clumps of flakes were (and are, since it's snowing like that again right now), so I tried a little video to see if that would give you a better idea of what it was like outside.

It looks beautiful but it felt miserable!!


amber said...

It just seems so early for snow, though I guess it is almost Thanksgiving so I shouldn't be surprised! You're right, it was pretty!

cw said...

Man, those snowflakes are huge! Big snowflakes, that's all that I'm saying.

-Tiny E

Amy said...

Ugh, you're so right on the miserable part. I was cussing it again this morning as I walked through the slush in the parking lot. So much for the season of Thankfulness, eh? - Crabby Amy