Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finally Finished!

It's seriously been so long since I blogged I just about forgot that I had a blog! Most of my friends and family know exactly what's been keeping me away--planning our high school reunion. For the last several weeks, every night that we were actually home was exclusively devoted to doing reunion related planning and activities. Every free minute was entirely consumed with sending reminder emails, scanning yearbook photos, making centerpieces, calling caterers and recording RSVPs. In all seriousness, I almost considered not even going to the reunion once the planning was done only because I was so sick of the whole thing! Had my friend Charla not been helping me during these last few months, I'm pretty sure I would have lost my mind completely weeks ago.

The good news is that the reunion is now over, and the other good news is that everyone seemed to really have a good time! There were certainly things throughout the weekend I would do a little differently here and there, but for the most part, everything went pretty smoothly and people seemed to enjoy themselves. Chad and I had a really great time too and loved seeing so many old friends.

While I still have no intention of helping with the next reunion, the one thing that (almost) made the planning nightmare worthwhile was how incredibly appreciative all my classmates were at the end of the weekend. People just couldn't stop thanking me for all my work, so it turned out to be the complete opposite of a thankless job, which was a nice bonus!

If you know none of the people from our high school class, the slideshow probably won't be very interesting, but I still want to share it for those few family members who might remember these folks! I have to say, I think the majority of us look pretty darn good for being close to 40!

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