Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our Sweet Sixteen

Back on the 4th of June, while I was right in the midst of reunion planning, we did take a break for a day to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary. We had a fantastic day off together that involved me caddying for Chad on the golf course, lunch and a little sun at the pool, and a trip to KC to buy each other new patio furniture for our back deck. Our dinner at Yardhouse turned out to be fairly marginal, but other than that it was a pretty perfect day. The best present was getting to spend a whole day off with my best friend!

In honor of our 16 years together, I've made us a lovely anniversary card--the same one I made for our friends James & Beth and Pat & Kristin, who both had anniversaries a week or so before us. This card's just too fun--I can't resist enjoying it once again!

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That actually kind of makes me want to enroll in some sort of couples dance class. Think I can get my husband to get his groove on with me?

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cw said...

Thanks for the video! ILY!!!!!!!!

About the dance class.....uh, maybe not.