Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Brother's the Best...Buy Pitchman

My brother Eric is the best brother ever, because he sent me two wonderful gifts for my birthday recently. First, he got me the 3rd season of the sitcom Arrested Development on DVD. If you missed this short-lived comedy on Fox, you totally missed out. It was hilarious. It won an Emmy for best comedy its first season on the air, and then Fox cancelled it less than 2 years later. Brilliant. Sadly, although fans were hoping it would get picked up by Showtime or HBO, I guess that's not going to happen. Wikipedia says the producers had an offer from Showtime and declined! UGH. It wasn't just me who thought it was great...here's a blurb from Wikipedia:

"Since its debut, the series earned six Emmys, a Golden Globe, and a cult fan base of perhaps four million American viewers. It was also recognized with the "Future Classic" award at the 2004 TV Land Awards. Despite the critical acclaim, however, the show struggled to find a wide audience throughout its run."

So sad...but
I digress. I was just saying that my brother was so awesome because he got me the DVD for my birthday, and he also got me the brand new Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix3 on Xbox. If you've never seen this game, it's an absolute riot--picture Tetris meets aerobics. Check out the picture of our friend Danny playing at our end of the softball season party a couple of years ago. You watch the arrows on the screen and then try to step on the arrows on your dance pad in time with the music. It's such a blast and I'm so excited to start playing it! I will use it for my cardio workout since after this weekend, I won't be walking long distances anymore.

So my brother is awesome...we've established that, but he also recently landed some Best Buy commercials which you've probably seen on T.V., so he really is the best and the Best Buy guy. He's in a couple of different spots where you'll see him say "I pledge...to set up your HD right." I'm really proud of him, just in case you can't tell!


CWL said...

I can't wait to update that pic of Dan with the new TV setup!

kjl said...

I will blog about your new toy very soon. :)