Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Menu Makers

Tonight I went to Menu Makers for the first time with my friend Lindsay in Topeka. For those of you haven't heard of Menu Makers, it's kind of hard to describe. There are different Menu Maker type franchises in different cities, but for this particular one in Topeka (which is officially called Menu Makers USA) you go to Chef Alli's demo kitchen in the Factory Direct Appliance store, where Alli and her staff have 12 different recipes with all the ingredients right there for you. All you do is mix them up and throw them together--they provide all the baggies and pans to take them home in. At the end of the evening (it's supposed to take two hours, but I took 2 1/2 since it was my first time and I was rather slow) you have up to 12 different meals all ready for the freezer. You just take them out when you don't feel like preparing anything, throw them in the oven or on the grill, throw together a side dish, and voila--dinner is served. After we actually eat some, I'll let you know if the recipes are any good! :)

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