Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Hope

Most of my friends probably already know this from Facebook, but we got great news this morning from our veterinarian! He called to let us know that he'd received the pathology report and that the strange growth he removed from Hope's mouth was benign. Hooray! It was nothing at all to worry about--just some inflamed tissue. This was actually sort of ironic, since when the vet first told us about the growth Chad expressed his hope that it was just an injury from poking herself in the mouth. Since she's constantly eating things that aren't food, it's not a huge shock that she probably injured herself while doing so at some point!

Hope won't get her stitches out until next week, but really that will just be a formality--she feels good and hasn't even seemed to notice the incision on her chest. As always, she's tough as nails!

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cw said...

Viva la Hope!