Wednesday, April 06, 2011


I mentioned briefly last month that we were going to a new church, which might have been a surprise to some of our friends who didn't know we had actually left our old one. We had been at our previous church for 7 years or so, and although we made it through several pastoral changes during that time, we started feeling uncomfortable there during last fall's mid-term election. When the pastor started using political jargon that sounded like it had been pulled directly from Fox News, I guess you could say that was our cue to exit. We just don't believe that Jesus would support any particular political party!

Anyway, that was what led us to start looking for a different church, and after visiting about four different churches in town over a period of several months, we came to one that we both really enjoyed--Eastlake Community Church. It's a very young church that just started meeting in late 2009, and initially we weren't moved to go for a visit because we thought the regular fliers they send out seemed a little too hip and cool for us. Then one day while I was volunteering at the food pantry, a new couple came in and wrote down on their information form that Eastlake was their home church. When I started asking them about it, they were just so excited they couldn't stop talking about the church and the pastor. They said that Eastlake made them excited to get up for church every Sunday, which definitely intrigued me and made me want to try it out. Chad and I visited the next day, really enjoyed the music and the message, and we've been there ever since. The more I learn about the church from my "growth group" leader, the more I like their philosophy of having a service specifically for people who might not enjoy or feel comfortable in a more traditional church.

So our new church is gearing up for Easter in a few weeks, and they're inviting the whole Lawrence community for the holiday and the series of messages that follows by putting together a bunch of videos and a special website. Check out the first promo below--and let us know if you want to join us for Easter Sunday!

Love Episode 1 from EastLake Community Church on Vimeo.


Tish said...

love your line about Jesus not really leaning towards one particular political party lol

word to your mother...or Father for that matter ;)

cw said...

Love the new banner!