Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Current Chatter

Ok, it's official. I'm a complete nerd. I just created a Twitter account. I know lots of normal non-nerdy people have Twitter accounts just so they can live vicariously through celebrities by "following" them, but I created mine for an entirely different reason. I was feeling such guilt about not blogging regularly, I thought that having a Twitter feed updated regularly on my blog would give those few loyal people who check it frequently something new to look at when they visit.

I think the other reason I had the urge to start tweeting is because I have so many friends and family members who always ask me about how I'm enjoying my "retirement." It can be a little annoying, only because I don't feel retired. I'm always busy, either doing things to manage our household (errands, cooking, housework) or helping my mom manage hers. Somehow I feel like I have to prove my busyness to people who think I'm sitting around watching soap operas and eating bonbons all day, which I know makes absolutely no sense at all. Why do I care what other people think? That's nerdiness and insecurity mixed together!

In my defense, I'm not such a nerd that I actually understand how to read and respond to other people's tweets. It's like a completely different language, with all it's @s and #s and other weird symbols. I have no idea what it all means, so hopefully I'll figure that out in time.

When I opened my account and Twitter invited me to start by following 10 other people's tweets, I was seriously so clueless I didn't even know who to pick. I found and starting following my brother (who I knew tweeted because of Facebook), the lead singer of Old 97's (since I'd heard in some interview he did that he had really funny tweets), a few DJs from KLOVE, our new church, and President Obama (because that was one of the random choices they offered me). I had no idea who else to pick, so I had Twitter check my gmail contacts for some tweeting friends. I found a few more people to follow, like my friends Tish and Matt, and since Tish has followed me back, I now have my first follower!

Honestly though, I have no aspirations for people to actually follow me. I'm just using it to update Luce Chatter with some chatter when there isn't time for my normal blog chatter!


Tish said...

yeah! i was the first!? rock on!

cw said...

C'mon, you just wanted to follow the greatest actor/philanthropist/family man of our time - Charlie Sheen :)

You'll have to show me how to follow you (and Charlie).

"Retirement?" Maybe from pay, but not from work. I never envy your daily to-do list. Thank you for keeping our affairs (and Mom's) in order! ILY!!!!!!