Monday, February 15, 2010

My Valentine

We had such a lovely Valentine's Day weekend I definitely didn't want it to end. After having Chad's mom Joanie and her husband Rory over for dinner on Friday night (after which Joanie and I beat Chad and Rory in a game of Pitch), Chad and I spent the rest of the weekend being superglue, which is our code word for spending every sleeping and waking moment together. Besides our separate workouts on Saturday, we didn't spent a minute apart, and it was wonderful!

After sleeping in, walking the dogs, working out and doing a little housework on Saturday, we decided we'd head to The Legends in KCK to do some shopping and have an early Valentine's dinner. Little did we know that half of the greater KC area apparently had the same idea. Wow. It was more crowded and crazy than we had ever seen it before. Chad was convinced that the shopping mayhem was clear evidence that our recession is completely over!

We went to Nebraska Furniture Mart first, hoping to find those final few pieces of furniture we've needed to complete the house. While we didn't find the perfect coffee table for our piano room that we've been searching for, we did finally find a suitable chair and a half and ottoman to complete the basement. I thought finding the piece of furniture specifically intended for snuggling was a perfect Valentine's Day present to each other! I'm anxious for Chad to pick it up tomorrow so we can finally complete the basement.

After shopping, we enjoyed a nice dinner at Granite City, where we watched the first half of the KU/Iowa St. game. We drove home after dinner and watched the end of the second half snuggled up in bed.

I woke up on Valentine's Day to find a gift from my dear hubby awaiting in the kitchen. Since we'd spent plenty on the chair/ottoman the day before he wasn't really supposed to get me anything, but along with some yummy body lotion, he'd picked up a pair of super warm and snuggly KU slippers that I'd tried on a few days before but not bought myself. They are super cute and ultra warm and I love them!

After church the next morning, we went downtown for a nice brunch at Ten, and then headed out to do a little shopping. A new shirt and some new shoes later, we headed back home and did a few more things around the house before snuggling up in bed and watching a movie. It was such a perfectly relaxing and romantic weekend!


Leah B said...

Glad that you had a nice one, and I was one of the billions that happened to be at NFM on Saturday as well. Luckily we weren't browsing as much as we usually do and were able to be in and out in under an hour and a half (thats record time for us).

cw said...

Not even your code name?

Oh, yeah, yeah. My code name.

Y'all hear that? We're usin' code names.