Friday, April 04, 2008

Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Go KU!

Since any KU related news tends to spread like wildfire around this town, I'm pretty sure by now all of Lawrence has heard the "Love That Crimson Blue" song, which was produced by an audio/video company in Leawood called BicMedia. I received it via email 4 times this week. If you're not part of the Jayhawk Nation or haven't heard it yet, you should definitely check it out below--it's pretty fun and catchy.

As a loyal Jayhawk fan, I of course love the song, but I have to say I probably would have loved it even more if it wasn't sort of a remake. What some people might not realize is that BicMedia's first version of this song was released around Christmas 2004, before conference play had even started that year. Apparently anticipating an amazing season, the company put out an even longer and more awesome version with different words--words about Keith Langford, Wayne Simeon, Christian Moody and others, along with then freshmen Russell, Darnell and Sasha. They talked all sorts of smack on every big name team in the country and then went on to talk about KU going to the Final Four. As you probably remember, in the 2005 NCAA tournament, KU lost to Bucknell by one point in the first round, and I would guess that the guys from BicMedia felt slightly silly about all their trash talking after the huge upset. Regardless, the 2004 song is still very fun and worth listening to. Thankfully, this year they waited until we actually got IN to the Final Four before they wrote a song about it!

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