Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Road to the Final Four

This story probably won't be that funny to most of you, because most of you probably don't know the people involved. I just have to share anyway because it made me laugh so hard. I'll try to make it somewhat amusing.

My friend Kevin used to work at KU Endowment (my main office), but now he's the President at the KU Alumni Association, where I now work at his office. He and a few of the guys in the Alumni Programs department at KUAA always travel to the out of town KU sporting events to host pre-game functions and rallies for the alumni traveling to the area.

On Monday, Kevin sent out an email to the KUAA staff and board members to share the details of this weekend's trip to the Final Four. Since the email went out on April Fool's Day, when he mentioned them renting an R.V. instead of flying down and staying in a hotel, several people thought it was a joke. Apparently it wasn't. Four guys from my KUAA office are driving to San Antonio in a rented R.V. and are staying at the "Traveler's World RV Park" just south of the city for the weekend.

So another friend from my KU Endowment office thought Kevin's whole plan was pretty amusing, so he put our graphic designer to work on a publicity poster to commemorate the trip. This is the part that killed me, which will probably only be funny if you know Kevin, Mike, David and Heath.

Hopefully their trip will be better than the Robin Williams movie on which the poster is based!


cw said...

Classic. Who needs a bed and hot water anyway?!

Erin said...

That is awesome.