Sunday, April 27, 2008

Emily's Exit

I'm so bummed. My friend Emily is moving away. It's not like she's just moving to Kansas City or something either--she's moving all the way to Salt Lake City! That's not exactly somewhere we go visit often! Although I'm certainly not happy about losing a super fun friend, I guess I can't really blame her. Her husband Ashford has a terrific opportunity with his engineering firm and Emily already has a great job fund raising for the local NPR station there. Their house here sold after only about 5 days on the market and they bought a house in the SLC area when they were out there for Emily's job interview. Everything has just fallen together so nicely for them I guess this move was just meant to be.

I met Emily close to seven years ago when she started working in the Constituent Development department at KU Endowment. Thankfully she's not just a work friend, and in the last several years we've played dodgeball, volleyball and softball together in various parks & rec leagues. She's always been a friend who has motivated me to try new things, such as Red Dog's Dog Days (a local summer conditioning program which lead to my first and only half marathon), Blue Plate Dinners, and the current Zumba class we're taking. She's super funny and smart, always entertaining and engaging, and best of all, she snorts pretty much every time she laughs. :)

So last night we got together with a bunch of Emily and Ashford's friends downtown for an official going away gathering. You can check out the pictures if you're interested. It was a great time with some terrific conversation and hysterical laughter, but I have to say it's still making me very sad! I'll miss you, Emily!

The good news is that Emily has promised she will be starting a blog very soon to keep her family and friends in the Midwest updated on their Utah adventure. I'm looking forward to hearing their stories of living as minorities in LDS country as well as getting updates on their adorable baby Helena as she grows up! The blog should be coming soon, right Em? :)

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Tish said...

man i don't even live there anymore and i miss em being there :(

thanks for the pics lady! your blogs are entertaining and informative. two thumbs up!