Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sweet and Elite

I'm so embarrassed that we are smack in the middle of March Madness and I haven't even blogged once about basketball. Even more embarrassingly, until yesterday the only full game I'd even watched was the KU/Illinois game last weekend. Even more embarrassingly, this was the first time in about the last 20 years that I didn't enter a bracket pool, and the first time since the invention of online pools that I didn't even fill out an online bracket!! I know this sounds like complete insanity, since obviously all my friends I love love love the Big Dance. I feel like I should turn in my superfan card.

It's kind of like I'm living in the basketball bizarro world this year. Normally I do tons of research and study each matchup carefully before picking my teams. Since the week the tourney started was also the week I was busy getting ready for the party, I just never had a free moment at the computer. I kept thinking I would at least fill out a bracket at the last minute, but Wednesday night when the online brackets were due, Eric and I were at Mom's until after midnight going through old photo albums, trying to find pictures for the slideshow!

The Thursday of the tournament I did actually fill out my annual "dream" bracket and "reality" bracket on paper before I looked at any of the scores, just so I could take more of an interest in any of the games I was able to watch. The problem with that is that I picked the games so poorly, by the time I was able to watch this weekend I barely had any teams left in my bracket! As the Elite Eight games started today, I seriously had two teams out of eight still on my reality bracket and one team out of eight on my dream bracket. I always wondered if my research was really doing me any good, and I guess this year we've answered that age old question. Without studying I completely stink--with research I only stink as much as the rest of the country.

Ultimately though, it doesn't really matter how crappy my bracket is overall, because the one team I have left in both brackets is the only one that counts. It was so awesome to watch our Jayhawks manhandle Richmond yesterday in the Sweet Sixteen and we're hoping to another win tomorrow against VCU for a trip to the Final Four!!!


Tish said...

rock chalk!!!

Jen said...

You didn't complete a on-line tournament bracket? I'm in shock. You are such a big KU/sports fan. I'm still in mourning about yesterday's loss. It just wasn't their day. However the Jayhawks had a great year. Very proud of them.

You seem busier now than when you worked. How can that be?