Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This morning I'm getting ready to head to Topeka for a day with my mom, but before I jumped in the shower I was thinking about bundling up and taking the dogs for a quick walk since they didn't get one yesterday. I hadn't heard the wind today so I thought maybe it was a little nicer outside. I pulled up and saw this:

Ummm, no. Sorry pups, but I will not be taking you out today. A trip to the backyard will have to suffice.

Speaking of winter, did anyone notice the new header I made yesterday morning? All the snow around here reminded me that it was time to change my seasonal blog colors! Let me know what you think!


Jen said...

I did notice your header, and I like it! This cold weather is unbearable.

Tish said...

1 degree!? that's hilarious

Beth said...

BRRRR! It is awfully cold. This is the time of year I am happiest with having moved into a house WITH A GARAGE! No ice-scraping for me!

LOVE your new header! Was this a pic you took?