Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Family Visit and Football

I've been a big blogging slacker the last few days since I've been enjoying lots of time with my visiting brother and mother. It's been great having Eric here, and I'm glad Mom was able to come stay with us so that she could have more quality time with him too. We've done lots of lounging and relaxing, along with watching a few movies and important sporting events. While the KU game didn't go as we had hoped (boo, Texas!!), the AFC Championship game had a much better outcome (yea, Steelers!)!!

While Mom, Eric and I watched the Steelers game downstairs, my obsessed and superstitious husband watched it up in our bedroom. Since he had watched the last Steelers win by himself on that TV, he decided it would be good luck to do so again. Seriously. Although the rest of us thought his decision was slightly goofy, we did kind of appreciate it since it made our viewing of the game lots more relaxing and enjoyable. As most of our friends know, Chad gets a wee bit intense and emotional when his Steelers are playing. Since he kept his stress and excitement contained upstairs, we enjoyed watching the win calmly and peacefully in the basement.

Thanks to the quiet and stress-free environment, Eric and I were even able to cast and complete the second installment in the Star Wars trilogy during the commercials! Stay tuned for our next exciting and entertaining adventure!


Paula said...

Is Chad going to watch the Super Bowl in the bedroom by himself too?!?! :)

Jen said...

Poor guy, contained in his room. I was thinking of you guys when the Steelers won. I'm with Paula. Is Chad going to watch the Super Bowl in the bedroom by himself too?

kjl said...

He is going to stay in the bedroom!! I even have a friend who's coming into town who might come over, but Chad still plans to stay upstairs. Although he feels bad about being anti-social, contributing to a Steelers win is definitely more important!

Kristin said...

Ok, Chad...that cracks me up. Love the dedication!