Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Landscape

This post isn't really about anything in particular--it's just an effort to share a bunch of "urban landscape" pictures that I took for my photography class. The assignment the week I was in LA was landscapes and urban landscapes, so I was in the perfect location to try and capture some good shots!

The first ten pics were taken as Chad and Eric and I walked up to the grocery store on Sunday evening (which is up Crescent Heights Boulevard to Sunset Boulevard), and then the rest of them were walking down Santa Monica Boulevard, which is just a couple of blocks south of Eric's apartment. The pictures aren't terrific, especially since I've run out of time for editing and they're straight out of the camera, but I think there are a few cool ones!

As you might have noticed, Santa Monica is an especially interesting street, with a ton of old Russian delis and bakeries mixed right in with the restaurants, clubs and porn theaters. I especially like the bizarre contrast of the sign all in Russian with Will Ferrell jumping over the top on some movie billboard. My brother's neighborhood is definitely a unique one--at least compared to ours!


Beth said...


- I loved the awesome blue metal decks on the apts.
-I really liked the shiny Oscar-the-Grouch style Trees-in-a-Trashcan's. Those were very cute!
-Starbucks looked like it was the entrance to the local circus
-Город выглядит хорошим

Beth said...

(my last comment was in Russian to reflect a feel for the city...)

Erin said...

okay next time you go visit Eric I want to come! I would love to see LA!!!