Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thanks, Friends

I was getting ready to leave a comment on my last post to thank you all for your very kind and warm-hearted support, but that just didn't seem like an adequate way to express my thanks! This is actually what came to mind:

A special shout out to Angela, who I can't thank personally since I don't have her email address. Hooray for people I've never met in person who read my blog! :)

Beth's comment about Chad's comment (confused yet?) was kind of funny because Chad and I have talked several times about him providing guest posts that consist of just one sentence, since (as all of our friends know) he's totally the opposite of me with regard to telling a story. He's incredibly concise to the point of being ridiculous while I can't leave out the smallest of details. Oh, and I think he's incredibly funny as well, although part of that funny comment he can't take credit for--it was actually a movie quote. Regardless, we were thinking today that maybe he should start his own ridiculously concise blog called "Skip to the End", which is, of course, a movie quote! Unfortunately, we'll have to think of a new name since that blogspot is already taken, but maybe I can still talk him into it. Wouldn't it be fun to also get the scoop on the Luces from the other much more concise point of view?

Anyway, I've obviously totally digressed here, since the point of this post was actually to say THANK YOU! I love you guys! :)


Chad said...

Classic! Although, you may have to explain who Sally Field is to your younger readers.

As you know, I have a young coworker who has never heard of Pete Rose.

Hello!? 4,256 career hits!

Didn't everyone grow up idolizing a guy that turned out to pop speed pills and gamble on games?

jake said...

Sorry Chad, we actually idolized more sophisticated athletes who favored syringes over pills and dogfights over sports bets! Much more refined.

Beth said...

Glad you're blogging again. Sorry I missed Chad's movie quote. But since I didn't know it was a movie quote (and before you blew his cover), I still give credit to Chad for his online comedic timing. :)

Chad REALLY needs to get on this blogging bandwagon. Perhaps a concise blog spot like