Monday, April 06, 2009

Dear April

Dear Month of April,

I've seriously had just about enough of your shenanigans. This evening when I went to walk the dogs I put on lined sweats, a sweatshirt, my ski coat, a wool hat and gloves, and yet I was still freezing as I turned into that north wind. My nose was ice cold and running all over. This is seriously ridiculous! It's the 6th day of the month--what in the world do you think you're doing?? My neighbors just put trash bags all over the baby trees in their front yard to protect them from tonight's expected 24 degree low. Twenty-four? Really? Really, April, it's SPRING now--or hadn't you heard? Winter is over. Get over it already. Get back to giving us that beautiful, warm, happy sunshine that you're so famous for. Really.



Anonymous said...

Miss April needed that questioning!!! I was planning myself to talk to her soon. Actually, she has not been able to get her balance this spring, but I agree she needs to pull it together. You are doing the right thing, She needs a good talking. Thanks for the effort.
Mother Nature.

cw said...

April - you are on NOTICE!