Friday, April 10, 2009

Cat Burglar

Although I don't consider myself a cat lover or cat person, I still like a good cat video from time to time. In fact, I think this is at least the second cat video I've shared here on the Chatter. One of my Facebook friends shared this yesterday and I got such a good laugh out of it!

Seriously, how does that little kitty find all this stuff? It's funny and pretty amazing!


Anonymous said...

Kingston gets up on the roof now and then, and he loves to catch birds, much to my chagrin. Nonetheless, even though he keeps me wondering all the time when he is in for the day,however, he snuggles up. But,you can never quite be sure what a cat is going to do... and yet they can smooze themselves enough to love them. =) I am sure glad my cat doesn't take clothes, I think my neighbor is upset enough that he traps birds. I don't like it either, but it is in his veins.

James said...

How funny! Some cats just have odd obsessions. Our Guatemala City kitty is obsessed with water and loves to watch us wash the dishes, water the plants, etc.

Anonymous said...

he's a real cat burgular!! tee-hee. but seriously,cats should be inside only.

Tish said...


Beth said...

Kim...and I going to have to start leaving comments that I want to leave more comments -- on newer posts?! :) I miss your blog!!!

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