Sunday, February 01, 2009


What can I even say about the Super Bowl? That was one amazing football game. That final catch by Santonio Holmes was such an amazing thing of beauty it honestly brought tears to my eyes.

As you can imagine, I have an incredibly happy husband at home this evening. I had to take just a couple of shots to capture his expressions after the game.

Immediately following the game he was clearly very exhausted. The stress of that final comeback drive really took it out of him.

A few minutes later the happiness began to set in!

Super Bowl number SIX!!

My contribution to the game--showing my support by sporting my Hines Ward jersey!

What a terrific Super Bowl! The winning streak of our favorite teams continues! :)


cw said...

Wow is right. Jayhawks, Celtics, and Steelers are all defending champs. Please do not wake me from this dream.

Gina said...

I was thinking about you all while watching the game! :-) Congrats CW!!! It was quite the game but we were pulling for the Steelers!!!!