Friday, February 13, 2009


It's been a crazily stressful week for us, and I just have to say that I'm super thankful that it's over. We've been contemplating some major life changes for ourselves and for our family recently, and at least one of our issues seems to have been resolved as of late this week. After taking Chad's Grandma to the emergency room last Sunday when we were in Salina (her second visit in an 8 day period), our family made the decision to move Grandma to an assisted living facility. Although she has been increasingly unable to care for herself in the last several months, Grandma didn't feel she was ready to move, so it was an agonizing decision for everyone. We spent a lot of time this week talking with other family members, researching facilities, talking with people at those facilities, and trying to figure out our own finances in case we need to assist Grandma in paying for her new accommodations.

While the financial details haven't yet been figured out, we are very relieved that the location has been settled on. Even more comforting is the fact that Grandma really likes it! She went to visit with Chad's parents yesterday and sounded very pleased about her new future home when Chad spoke with her last night. It's such a huge relief and big blessing that she seems to be on board with the new arrangements! We'll get her moved next month. I can't tell you what a weight has been lifted off our shoulders just knowing that the arrangements are made!

Speaking of moving, that's one of the other major changes that we've been contemplating. We haven't been looking seriously at buying a new house, but for the last several months we've casually been looking for our dream home online and around town. So far it's seemed like a very futile search, since our goal is to move into a better quality home and not necessarily a bigger home. There just aren't very many solidly built homes in Lawrence that don't also have tons of bedrooms. We really don't need 5 bedrooms for just the two of us! The homes we have found that we like are often on tiny little lots with very small yards, which just isn't an option for us. We've been able to find very few homes that really fit us and our dogs and our life! We started thinking the only way we'll ever have a home perfect for us is if we actually build a home perfect for us.

Then the other day, I saw this house on

Now I had always been opposed to living in the country for a number of reasons, but at least on the outside, this looks like my dream house. The two things that I've been looking for during this search are a big front porch and a side entrance garage! Since Chad has always wanted to live in the country, and since this house is smack in between Lawrence and Topeka, we're going to at least go check it out over the weekend.

We still don't really have serious thoughts about buying this house yet (selling our house right now would certainly be an issue), but it's still kind of fun to dream. Maybe if we absolutely love the inside too and the location is good and the view is nice and the stars align just perfectly, we'll know it was meant to be. :)


amber said...

So glad things are figured out for Chad's g'ma. That's an answer to prayer...

As far as the house goes, it looks gorgeous! I know from our walks last fall that you have a thing for front porches! Whether you're in a new house or your current house, we'd still like to stay with you this summer for a few days! ;)

Anonymous said... is those front porches. sa