Saturday, October 16, 2010

DC 3-Day Pictures

I've obviously been home for several days, but I haven't had the chance to blog until now because every free evening I've been trying to get the pictures from the 3-Day ready! Initially I didn't think I would spend much time editing them, but since most of the shots were taken while I was walking, there were plenty of crooked and blurry pics that needed a little attention. Plus, since I got the new Photoshop over the summer, I just can't help tweaking pictures a tiny bit even when they probably don't really need it!

Anyway, I added captions to some of the pictures, but many of the shots are just buildings that I thought were really cool even though I had no idea what they were! Maybe my DC knowledgeable friends Jake and Amber will help me identify some of them. There were so many awesome things to see on days 1 and 3 when we were in the city. I can't wait to get back there for a vacation to get a better look at the sites and learn more of their history!

I'm really going to try to write more about the 3-Day on my other blog, but in a nutshell, it was a great location for the event, the weather was darn near perfect, and my dad finished strong without any problems at all. Not that I had any doubts that he would!


amber said...

Loved these pictures, Kim!!! Sorry if I left too many comments... I couldn't help it. I do love that city!

Let us know when you want to go back for vacation. We would go with you in a heartbeat!

Tish said...

congratulations luce! you're one of my sheroes!

cw said...

I like the new banner, except for the dorky looking dude next to you.

Congrats on numero cinco 3 Day!

Beth said...

Awesome pics, and what a gorgeous city!! I'm so glad that the weather was great, your dad did so well, and that you had so much fun!!! I want to go to DC now, too! The color accent pics were great :)

Congrats again on doing such amazing work for such a worthy cause. You are truly an inspiration, Kim!